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As a San Diego exclusive buyer agent I've had the chance to develop many resources over the years specifically aimed at helping and informing San Diego home buyers like you. Most of these resources have been written and posted on my sister website, Below you will find links to many articles with information on many topics that are relevant to today's San Diego home buyers. If you have excellent credit, plan to buy in the next 90 days, and would rather learn these things in-person, I would be honored to meet with you for an interview. Call me at 858-437-2662 or send me an email to get the process started. I look forward to hearing from you!

Buying a Home in San Diego:

All About Buying a Home in San Diego

3 Common Myths About Buying a Home in San Diego

Before Hiring a San Diego Buyer Agent:

The One Critical Form that Home Buyers Often Receive After It's Too Late

15+ Great Interview Questions to Ask Any San Diego Buyer Agent

What is Dual Agency, and How Does It Affect San Diego Home Buyers?

General San Diego Home Buying Information:

How Much Are Property Taxes in San Diego County?

Everything A San Diego Home Buyer Should Know About Buying Short Sales

4 Tips for Buying San Diego Foreclosures and Bank-Owned REO Properties

What is a Home Warranty, and Should You Buy One?

Before Writing an Offer:

22 Questions to Consider When You Are Ready to Write an Offer

5 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buy

5 Reasons to Buy Instead of Rent

After Your Offer is Accepted:

12 Things You Need to Do Before You Remove Your Contractual Contingencies

Hiring a San Diego Home Inspector

San Diego Homes Have Termites. What Should a Home Buyer Know?

Buying a Condo in San Diego:

How to Check the Health of an HOA Before Buying a Home There

Buying a San Diego Condo with Pending Litigation: Good Idea or Bad?

Condo Buyers: Are You Prepared to Pay a Special Assessment to Your HOA (have you ever heard of this before)?!

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Justin Gramm is the founder of Globella Buyers Realty and works full time as a San Diego exclusive buyer agent. Exclusive buyer agents never take listings or represent sellers. Exclusive buyer agents represent buyers-only 100% of the time, allowing you to hire a San Diego buyer's broker without the conflict of dual agency. Justin has helped many wonderful people from all over the world buy homes and condos in San Diego over the years. If you'd like to talk to Justin about your potential San Diego home purchase, you are welcome to schedule an interview. Call Justin at 858-437-2662 or send Justin an email to get the process started. More About Justin Gramm

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